Prince Harry’s Mental Health Struggles Make Him Part Of “A Big Club” & That Openness Is The Key To Reducing Stigma

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Part of the reason the royal family is so intriguing is that they’re so mysterious. It’s impossible to keep up with them on a reality show or through social media, so the only time we find out personal information about them is when they explicitly decide to share it themselves, and Prince Harry’s latest message is one of his most important yet. In a new interview with the Telegraph, Prince Harry opened up about his struggles with his mental health, particularly when it came to grieving the death of his mother, Diana. And everything Harry is sharing is so important in reducing the stigma around getting help.

As Harry explained in the newspaper’s Mad World podcast, the unexpected loss of his mother at such a young age was obviously incredibly difficult to deal with, so instead of coping, he ignored it. Not facing his grief led to “total chaos” in his life over 10 years later. So with the encouragement of his older brother, Prince William, he decided to seek counseling three years ago. And now, he’s finally ready to open up about what that period of time in his life was like, as well as how he’s doing today.

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‘Two years of total chaos’ Prince Harry describes struggle with emotional problems after Princess Diana’s death 

Harry said:

It’s hard to imagine what that must have been like for him — especially while living life in the spotlight. But as brave and as important as it is that he’s coming forward with such honesty, what he learned in the process is important, too: The fact that he’s not alone in this, because so many people suffer from issues like grief and depression.

He added: