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Valerie Hebert is the Coordinator for the Child, Youth & Family Liaison Team with NAMI San Diego. She is the team member with tech wizardry, artistic backbone and a Lived Experience mentor, and she loves the work she does!

Parent Advocacy: What You Should Do . . . and Not Do

It's that time at the beginning of the school year when parents and school administrators gear up for initial IEP meetings. Hopefully these tips will help families get as prepared as possible... What Parents Should Do 1. Prepare for Meetings You should treat the IEP meeting as if it is the first step towards a

Tratamiento del comportamiento para niños con ansiedad

Los niños aprenden a manejar al acosador en el cerebro. Jerry Bubrick, PhD uando un niño muestra señales de ansiedad, tendemos a pesar que se le pasará; ella es simplemente nerviosa o tímida, luego crecerá y se le pasará. Pero cuando la ansiedad se vuelve tan intensa que está seriamente interfiriendo con la vida

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Depression: The Growing American Mental Health Storm

Recent reports show depression is one of the greatest mental health challenges facing Americans today. Here’s how it may affect you or someone you love. It’s hard to miss, with rising rates of suicide and depression: American mental health seems to be in a downturn.Days after the suicide of fashion designer Kate Spade, at 55, the Centers for

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5 Ways To Cope With Back to School Anxiety

By Christine Frey of BRAIN XP BACK TO SCHOOL ANXIETY Back to school season has officially arrived, and summer is officially ending. Mixed emotions flow through the air. Excitement. Nerves. Curiosity. These feelings are completely normal. I’ve always experienced mixed emotions as I think about school starting again, but there’s one enormous feeling that

For Non-English Speaking Families, Getting Mental Health Help At School Proves Elusive

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett It took a year for Elvira Gomez of El Monte to realize something was wrong with the therapy her son was supposed to be receiving at school. Jose Antonio Suarez, then 5 years old, was scheduled to see a therapist once a week in his kindergarten class at a Los Angeles County

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5 Parenting Beliefs That Interfere With Effective Discipline

You’ve read the parenting books. You’ve tried the latest discipline strategies. And…unfortunately, you’re still dealing with the same old thing. Before you give up completely, let’s take a look at a silent partner in your parenting: Your thoughts. Everyone carries around an unspoken understanding of why kids act the way they do. Some of

3 Things My Daughter and I Love About Our ADHD

By Suzy Parker Health and wellness touch everyone’s life differently. This is one person’s story. I gave my daughter ADHD. In the beginning, this revelation almost tore us apart. But as we travelled down the road together, it gave us an unbreakable bond. The more I got to understand the positive sides of ADHD, the

Will My Mom’s History of Mental Illness Repeat Itself in My Kids?

Living with my mom’s erratic behavior caused me emotional trauma. Here’s how I talk about mental illness with my children to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Health and wellness touch each of us differently. This is one person’s story.  Throughout my childhood, I knew my mother was different from other moms. She was terrified

The Mental Health Journey of a Mother and Daughter

Mental health disorders affect as many as 1 in 5 U.S. children each year. The vast majority of mental health problems begin in adolescence, with depression being the most common. Many young people who need mental health treatment do not receive it. Sadly, even if mental health problems are identified, children often face challenges with stigma. We