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Valerie Hebert is the Coordinator for the Child, Youth & Family Liaison Team with NAMI San Diego. She is the team member with tech wizardry, artistic backbone and a Lived Experience mentor, and she loves the work she does!

Quarantine Fatigue is Real. Here’s How to Cope

Experts say adopting a new regular schedule and helping others are effective ways to battle “quarantine fatigue” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getty Images It could be at least another year before everyday life returns to normal due to COVID-19, so it’s important to find ways to adapt to current circumstances. Routines and schedules are helpful.

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Watching for Signs of Psychosis in Teens

Catching kids early and supporting them before they're in crisis can delay mental health disorders and reduce impairment There are fewer more frightening or challenging psychiatric conditions for a family to face than psychosis, an extreme mental state in which impaired thinking and emotions cause a person to lose contact with reality. This could

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Please Stop Believing These 8 Harmful Bipolar Disorder Myths

What do successful people like musician Demi Lovato, comedian Russell Brand, news anchor Jane Pauley, and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones have in common? They, like millions of others, are living with bipolar disorder. When I received my diagnosis in 2012, I knew very little about the condition. I didn’t even know it ran in my

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Trouble Focusing with ADHD? Try Listening to Music

Listening to music can have a range of effects on your health. Maybe it boosts your mood when you’re feeling down or energizes you during a workout. For some, listening to music also helps with maintaining focus. This has led some to wonder whether music can help people who have ADHD, which can cause

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5 Mental Health Tips for the Tired Millennial

Start looking after your mental health from the comfort of your own home with these five tips. The notion of millennials being exhausted to the point of burnout isn’t anything new. Between the stress of social media, the gig economy, and living in a world that feels increasingly more uncertain, it’s little surprise that

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People Like Me: Living Well with MDD

For someone living with major depressive disorder (MDD), it’s normal to feel alone, isolated, and just, well, deserted by others. On top of this, recent research has shown that loneliness is tied to genetics and the environment — a finding that can be depressing in and of itself. But you’re not alone: Close to

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How Do I Bring More Mindfulness Into My Life?

A simple guide to be mindful throughout the day—whether you're washing the dishes, eating a snack, or sitting down to meditate. Have you ever started eating an ice cream cone, taken a lick or two, then noticed all you had was a sticky napkin in your hand? Or been going somewhere and arrived at

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A Sincere Letter from Me to You

Dear You: I hope you are doing well. No…scratch that. I hope you are doing wonderfully. In fact, I hope you are as happy as you can possibly be. Are you? My guess is you’re not. You might be somewhat happy, or you might be pretty happy some of the time…but as happy as

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