How to Help a Family With a Child Affected by Mental Illness

By Stephanie Thompson Families with a child affected by a mental or neurological disorder sometimes live a chaotic and stress-filled existence. Often, the struggle is invisible to the public. Unknown to even neighbors, a series of chronic storms may erupt inside the home. Furthermore, stigmas make seeking support challenging. Parents struggle to give time

Lack of Mental Healthcare for Children Reaches ‘Crisis’ Level

Written by Penny Williams on June 23, 2015 There is a cavernous gap between the number of children struggling with mental health conditions and the number who actually get help. That’s one of the conclusions of the Children’s Health Report released recently by the Child Mind Institute.  The report states that nearly 50 percent of youth in

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A Calm Down Plan (for Parents)

BY: NICOLE SCHWARZ A quick scroll through your Pinterest feed displays cool-down games, feeling-face posters, and jars of glitter floating gently through brightly-colored water. All with the goal of helping your kids calm down. This is a great goal. Kids need to learn how to manage their emotions and stay calm under pressure. But what about

Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues

Everyone agrees that treating children early on for mental health issues is crucial, but barriers to diagnosis and treatment can make that difficult. When Stephanie Elliot’s son was in the sixth grade, she noticed a concerning change in his demeanor.He’d recently been put on a new medication for epilepsy that seemed to be working,

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What Is Mental Illness? (From the Perspective of a 16 Year Old)

By Christine XP Mental illness has never been my favorite term to describe mental health issues. It sounds harsh and scary. I mean, yes, I use the term mental illness in every day conversation, but that’s mainly because it is understood. People have heard of it and know what it means. I guess what

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Parenting: Three Things That Matter More Than Discipline

By Rebecca Eanes Tons of parenting books and articles tell us how we should and shouldn’t discipline our children, as though it’s the most important aspect of raising kids. While I do believe that the demeanor and actions we take during correction are important, I think we are leaving a few really important elements

Overcoming cultural barriers to youth mental health access

This article originally appeared on SCOPE. Written by: Amy Jeter Hansen Published on: April 26, 2018 Teens and their parents don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to mental health issues — and the generational gap can be more pronounced for immigrant families. In 2016, Stanford researchers examining youth mental health concerns in

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5 Ordinary Opportunities For Amazing Connection With Your Tween

By Nicole Schwartz Connecting with little kids often means getting on the floor to play Legos or Barbies. A game of chase or a quiet snuggle was just part of the daily routine. Now your child is a tween and finding ways to connect seems to be less straightforward (and sometimes even awkward!). The

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Social media sites are damaging children’s mental health, headteachers warn

More than nine in 10 said pupils’ well-being had suffered due to bullying and exposure to upsetting material. Image: Getty/iStock By Eleanor Busby Schools have seen a rise in self-harm cases among youngsters because of social media use School leaders are calling for new social media laws to keep children safe amid fears their mental health is being ‘damaged’. Most headteachers have received reports of

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Autism Awareness Month Highlights Connection Between ASD and ADHD

April is Autism Awareness Month. Many people and their families cope with the dual diagnosis of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. According to recent research, at least 40 percent and many as 70 percent of those who have ASD may also have ADHD. It wasn’t long ago that many parents were told a dual diagnosis of