Introducing January’s FY Partnership of the Month: Ian Sheiner, LMFT

This article is reprinted from the CYFL January Newsletter. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter distribution, please send us an email to CYFLiaison@namisd.org and we will make sure the monthly newsletter is delivered straight to your inbox. Mental Health Specialist Ian Sheiner: Another Point of View Ian Sheiner, L.M.F.T. is a

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Mindful: Exploring Mental Health Through Art

By Ryann Tanap There’s something very powerful about art. It allows the viewer to experience life from different perspectives. It’s therapeutic. It also has the power to intensify an experience. And with mental health topics becoming more commonplace in everyday conversation, it’s no surprise that we can experience it within the creative and performing

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Alarming Report: Kids Who Spend Just 1 Hour a Day on Social Media Are Less Happy

This article has been reblogged from the Parent.com website. The original article can be found here. Kids using social media is fairly inevitable but even just one hour online can make kids less content with their lives. By Melissa Willets Just last night I was chatting with my babysitter about how much more complicated

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Gratitude: A Path to Greater Joy & Interconnectedness

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” –Robert Brault For many of us, December can be a stressful time of year because of the financial and time pressures that come with decorating, entertaining, and exchanging gifts. One way to shift the focus off of

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