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--Marijuana and teens?
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    Hello, my 12 year old wants to spend the night at a friends house and I know the friend’s parents smoke pot. How do I tell her no? I am worried that she might use this opportunity to get high.

  • pooch
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    I was in a training the other day and they had a similar question. the answer was, “our kids now a days don’t need our permission to get high and if you think they do you are kidding yourself.” I am a firm believer in “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”! open up those lines of communication, letting her know you are always there to talk to, no matter what…without judgement.
    My son came to me at the age of (I want to say) 13 and told me he was smoking weed. Although inside I was devastated, outside I praised him and God. He became quite angry, asking why I was so happy he told, and I replied, “That’s it…YOU told me, I would have never told my mom when I was getting high. This just tells me, you don’t really want to be doing it.”
    The doors of communication were open and yes he stopped smoking weed. Trust me we had our challenges, but my children always knew, they could come to me no matter what.
    So tell her, “no” and here’s why…
    Hope this helps!

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    That’s great that you are being proactive in protecting your 12-year-old. This may be a great time for the two of you to watch a documentary or educational videos on the short and long-term risks of smoking marijuana. Secondhand smoke would be another topic to discuss. Even if the parents don’t smoke in front of the kids, there is the chance that the children will have easier access to the drug. Trust your instincts and use this as a learning opportunity for your family.

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