May of each year is Mental Health Awareness month and the first week in May is dedicated to celebrating children and youth mental health well-being. Because of COVID-19, we are family members sheltering in place with loved ones and peers in need of social connection.  We are parents of children and young adults who live with serious challenges. NAMI San Diego’s CYF Liaison are passionate about providing connections for families in need.  Due to the Pandemic caused by COVID-19, as of March 2020, we found ourselves in the mutual predicament of working remotely each day as our world shifted deeper into a holding pattern for an unknown length of time. Like you, we feel these challenges in our bodies, our relationships, and our mental health. And we know that together, we will make it through these challenging days.

Due to these challenges, we were faced with the possibility of cancelling our 6th Annual Youth Mental Health Well-Being Celebration, but at the last minute, we pivoted to providing a Virtual Gathering for our community! NAMI San Diego practices and promotes Physical Distancing in order to prevent spreading of highly contagious COVID-19 virus. At the same time, we also understand that this is no time to socially disconnect from each other!  We encourage keeping PHYSICAL DISTANCE while reminding everyone that SOCIAL CONNECTIONS are more important now than ever. The 2020 Virtual Youth Mental Health Well-Being Gathering turned a big disappointment into a very special gathering, and we are thrilled that it is a gathering that can be viewed anytime, and can reconnect us together in a beautiful way.

NAMI San Diego continues to celebrate children and youth recovery within the Children’s System of Care, virtually and in person as soon as we can all get together again. We wish you all care and comfort with your loved ones during these unusual days. 

  • Many thanks to the young artists who participated in the 2020 Art Project!

    • Alana, age 11 
    • Cash, age 4 
    • Jack, age 22 
    • Abby, age 7 
    • Ethan, age 17 
    • Ella, age 15 
    • Jake, age 12 
    • Mya, age 13 
    • Kellan, age 8 
    • Kaydence, age 15 
    • Ryleigh, age 13 
    • Cade, age 4 
    • Mila, age 11 mos and Maya, the dog 
    • Soriya, age 15 
    • Cian, age 15 
    • Edith 
    • Rock Walk featuring Grantville artists
  • Artists are not in order and several artists submitted multiple pieces. 

  • Some artists preferred to remain anonymous

  • Artists may participate in the 2020 Virtual Gathering through June 30, 2020. You are invited to email a copy of your artwork to