5 Things I Need as Mom of a Child With a Disability

By Vanna Winters Some nights my tears hit the pillow before my head. The exhaustive effort I put into each day to simply keep my head above water never feels adequate. The demands of parenting a child with a disability can be unremitting. From the moment my child was diagnosed five years ago, I’ve felt like I

Preventing Parent Burnout

Meeting the emotional challenges of caring for children with mental health issues By Julia Johnson Attaway Parenting is hard work, and parenting a child with mental health issues is exponentially harder. You’re almost certainly putting in more effort than any other mom or dad you know, yet your kid may still be at risk,

A Calm Down Plan (for Parents)

BY: NICOLE SCHWARZ A quick scroll through your Pinterest feed displays cool-down games, feeling-face posters, and jars of glitter floating gently through brightly-colored water. All with the goal of helping your kids calm down. This is a great goal. Kids need to learn how to manage their emotions and stay calm under pressure. But what about

Parenting: Three Things That Matter More Than Discipline

By Rebecca Eanes Tons of parenting books and articles tell us how we should and shouldn’t discipline our children, as though it’s the most important aspect of raising kids. While I do believe that the demeanor and actions we take during correction are important, I think we are leaving a few really important elements

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