Helping You Connect the Dots in Family Behavioral Health

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Tools for support

Family Support and Training

Sometimes helping our loved ones can be difficult and lonely. We know because most of our staff have lived experience with the very same thing. The Children, Youth & Family Liaison provides parents, grandparents and caregivers with resources and information for individual and family support. We can help you find useful tools to help yourself, your family and the children and youth in your lives that are engaged with behavioral health services.

Youth / Family Support Partners

Helping you advocate

Active Support & Coaching

We encourage parents, caregivers and youth to become active Youth /Family Support Partners, an overarching term for parents and caregivers of children or youth who have or are currently receiving services from a public child family serving agency. Youth are defined as a person under the age of 25 who have received services or are currently receiving services from a Children, Youth and Family Behavioral Health service provider.

Service Providers

Tools for education

Family Support and Training

The Children, Youth & Family Liaison provides education and training for behavioral health professionals working in San Diego’s Children, Youth & Family Behavioral Health System of Care. Providers are defined as both paid and unpaid staff, independent contractors, volunteers and employees both direct service staff and administrative staff, counselors, program staff, social workers, clinicians, and Family Support Partners. Providers gain valuable support in working with Family Support Partners.