The Children, Youth & Family (CYF) Liaison serves as the Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) Resolution point-of contact for issues within the CYF Behavioral Health System of Care as it is related to the MHSA plan. Issues surrounding the MHSA plan are investigated and feedback is given to Behavioral Health Services in order to assist in improving the current system of care.

The CYF Liaison helps families navigate issues and find resolution within Children’s Behavioral Health in San Diego County. We serve the community by facilitating dialogue between families, Youth/Family Support Partners, and providers. Families can attend our Family Voice Meetings to talk about what is working well for them and where they need additional support within the Children’s System of Care. If families feel they are not receiving proper care from their providers, have an issue, or if they are struggling to find the services they need, the CYF Liaison provides a safe, trauma-informed, judgment-free space for families to engage, and will help to find solutions to these concerns.

For families who experience an issue or problem within the Children, Youth and Family Behavioral Health System of Care, we can help. For families who wish to offer positive feedback on system wide programs, we want to know. We feed all reports back to the County of San Diego Children’s System of Care (CSOC) so the County’s Behavioral Health Department knows what is and is not working within the CSOC in San Diego County. All reports are anonymous, as desired.

To file a report, please fill out and submit the form to the right. You may also email or call (858) 987-2980.