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5 Things I Need as Mom of a Child With a Disability

By Vanna Winters Some nights my tears hit the pillow before my head. The exhaustive effort I put into each day to simply keep my head above water never feels adequate. The demands of parenting a child with a disability can be unremitting. From the moment my child was diagnosed five years ago, I’ve felt like I

Recovery Tools

This is me today, however I haven't always been this way. Most every day finds me with a kind heart. When I take care of myself properly, my mind is unstoppably fierce. And brave spirit... well yep, I can call myself that now. I didn't always have a brave spirit. I was so meek

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Coping with Back-to-School Anxiety

Heading back to school can be difficult for both kids and parents. Whether a child is off to kindergarten, transitioning to high school, or even leaving for college, the change can be stressful and cause anxiety at home. While some worries are normal, there are signs that may indicate something more serious is going on

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