NAMI Friends,

As we continue to navigate our world in the midst of the COVID-19 Stay Home directives, we want to continue to provide you with resources for maintaining our own mental health during this time of isolation. NAMI San Diego has migrated the bulk of our support group calendar to Online meetings using the Zoom platform. Please check back as we continue to update our family Support Groups on the Calendar through June 30, 2020. Education opportunities will be coming soon. Please stay home and stay safe, friends.

You may have heard in recent news articles about concerns regarding the security of the ZOOM platform for meetings. Please be assured that this is something that NAMI San Diego takes very seriously.  We NEVER record our meetings which would make us vulnerable to viewing on the cloud. As a Host we are able to mute and remove any individual in the group who fails to comply with our NAMI Support Guidelines. Among the precautions that we take are the following:

  1. Only the Host can control chat access
  2. Only the Host can screen share
  3. If necessary, the Host can exclusively control the mute function
  4. The Host has the ability to remove an individual from the ZOOM meeting 

If at any time you are uncomfortable during a ZOOM meeting you have the ability to turn off your camera, or leave the meeting. 

Thank you for connecting with NAMI San Diego. Please remember: You are NOT Alone.