The Children, Youth & Family Liaison provides education and training for behavioral health professionals working in San Diego’s Children, Youth & Family Behavioral Health Services System of Care.

eLearning available for CYFBHSSOC staff

Principles of Family & Youth Professional Partnerships
A one hour online course (with CEHs) designed to introduce the concepts, principles and best practices of working with children, youth and families in the behavioral health community. Training explores the value of lived experience and participants gain a basic understanding of how to incorporate the vision and values of the communities which they serve into their organizational programs and practices. For information on principles of Family & Youth Professional Partnerships or to RSVP to attend the one hour online training, please visit this page and fill out the necessary information.

Working Together
A four-hour, in person training (with CEHs) designed for Children, Youth & Family Behavioral Health Services System of Care service providers. Providers are defined as both paid and unpaid staff, independent contractors, volunteers and employees of San Diego’s CYFBHSSOC Agencies. Family Youth Partner Trainers lead a powerful exploration of the experience of best practices in professional collaboration between behavioral health providers and Family Youth Partners. An engaging, experiential exploration of the key concepts, principles and best practices of working with family and youth. Training explores the importance, value and complexity of lived experience from person centered, trauma informed, recovery focused, culturally competent stigma free perspective.

Family Youth Sector Meetings
Professionals who supervise Family Youth Partners are welcome to attend the Family Youth Sector Meetings held quarterly in person and online. The Sector meetings are for individuals engaged in supporting Family Youth Partners – discussions will include information sharing of Behavioral Health Services and to gain sector feedback on emerging practices, programs & policies. Visit this page to learn more about the upcoming Sector meetings and how to join.

Pathways to Well-Being
Pathways to Well-Being is a joint commitment between the Child Youth and Families Behavioral Health Services (BHS-CYF) and the Child Welfare Services (CWS) sectors of the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency, in partnership with the family/youth voice. The purpose of Pathways to Well-Being is to enhance the delivery of children’s services through a collaborative team of mental health providers, CWS social workers, parent and youth partners, the child receiving services, and their family/caregivers. This approach enables more comprehensive, strengths based, culturally relevant, and trauma informed services.

Parents and Caregivers are welcome to participate in Pathways trainings.
The Children, Youth & Family Liaison assists with the facilitation of such trainings.

For more information email or call (858) 987-2980