Children, Youth and Families Behavioral Health System of Care Council (CYFBHSOCC) Member Orientation Video

Produced by NAMI San Diego’s CYF Liaison for the CYFBHSOC Council Orientation Meeting July 13, 2020

Meet the Leaders within the CYFBHSOC (Children Youth and Families Behavioral Health System of Care) Council and several of the Sub-Committee Representatives in this informative video. Including an overview of the Children’s System of Care, how the Council was established and the evolution that has built the CYFBHSOC  into the vibrant care system it is today.

  1. Video Introduction – Yael Koenig, Deputy Director, BHS Children, Youth & Families
  2. BHS Welcome – Luke Bergmann, Director
  3. Cultural Competence Resource Team – Piedad Garcia, Deputy Director, BHS Adult and Older Adult
  4. TAY Council – Liz WinchellProgram Manager, Mental Health Systems, Inc, North Inland Teen Recovery Center
  5. CYF System of Care History – Rosa Ana Lozada, CEO, Harmonium
  6. CSOC Principles – Delrena Swaggerty, Vice President, Mental Health Systems
  7. CYF CADRE –
    Julie McPherson, Vice President, Community Research Foundation
    Marisa Varond, Associate Executive Director, McAlister Institute
  8. Early Childhood Mental Health – Autumn Weidman, Director of Positive Parenting, Jewish Family Service
  9. Education Advisory – Heather Nemour, Student Mental Health and Well-Being, San Diego County Office of Education
  10. Family and Youth Sector – Valerie Hebert, CYF Liaison Program Manager, NAMI San Diego

NAMI San Diego has been featured on Telemundo for its free Latino mental health services. The footage is below.