To Understand Autism, Don’t Look Away

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To Understand Autism, Don’t Look Away

Carina Morillo knew almost nothing about autism when her son Ivan was diagnosed – only that he didn’t speak or respond to words, and she had to find other wasy to connect with him. In this TED Talk, she shares how she learned to help her son throve by being curious along with him.  Carina offers the important message that we don’t need to be an expert in autism to connect with others. No heroics are needed… we simply need to be there and offer connection. (In Spanish with English subtitles)

From You can view the online TED Talk here.

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Valerie Hebert is the Coordinator for the Child, Youth & Family Liaison Team with NAMI San Diego. She is the team member with tech wizardry, artistic backbone and a Lived Experience mentor, and she loves the work she does!