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I’d been working at my desk for nearly 3 hours when the most embarrassing “KEVIN!” of my life happened. You know what that is, right? Like in “Home Alone” when Catherine O’Hara and the family are fully on their way to France and she suddenly realizes lil’ Macaulay isn’t with them? And O’Hara has a full-throated panic about it?

In this case, “Kevin” was my wallet. My coworkers were startled — but not surprised — as I screamed that I’d left my wallet in my car outside. I live in LA so I maintain the melodrama was partially justified! As I walked up to my car, the sitch was worse and better than I thought.

My wallet was not in my car but instead laying on the ground, next to my driver’s side tire. Nothing had been taken but my dignity and trust in myself.

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