You know that caring for your mental health is vital. But, as a parent, you’re also limited on time and energy — resources that have only shrunk since the pandemic started.

And yet, with a bit of intention, you can absolutely tend to your mental health — even with a demanding career, little to no childcare, and 1,000 other tasks you need to complete.

Here are the best (and totally doable) mental health-boosting strategies, according to psychotherapists.

Care For Your Basic Needs

These basics include eating regularly, eating nutrient-rich foods, and moving your body, says Laura Torres, LPC, a psychotherapist in Asheville, North Carolina.

To actually make this happen, she suggests carrying a snack and water bottle with you wherever you’re going and eating when you feed your kids. You can also participate in fun physical activities with your family, such as taking nature walks, playing an active game, and doing a yoga video, she says.

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