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Zoomed: My Experience with Online Group Therapy

Every weekday, I sit at the child-sized desk in my daughter’s old room, plug in my laptop’s charger, put my headphones in, and place my water bottle on a coaster. Underneath the desk’s writing surface, the obsolete keyboard tray bruises my thighs, kicking off the discomfort of the next four hours. In my pandemic

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Clinging to Hope During My Son’s Battle with Addiction

On the top shelf of my closet is a shoebox wrapped in striped, metallic wrapping paper. What’s inside are pieces of notebook paper written to my son, Michael, when he was going through addiction. These notes not only have words of encouragement on them, but were also an exercise for me in letting go

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He’s Not a Criminal, He’s in Crisis

I facilitate a peer-led support group called the NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group for Black men. The men who attend the group have all been accused of felonies. They also have all been diagnosed with a mental health condition, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PTSD and depression. Some do not believe they have a

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Black History Month: Writing This Triggers My Anxiety

By Brooke Johnson This year, I decided to write about Black History Month. Naturally, I get excited when I can talk about my personal experiences to help people understand the bigger picture. However, as I started to write a title for this blog, I could feel my heart rate rise, my hands begin to

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Why Your Brain Feels Broken

I don’t know how else to put it, but lately it seems like my brain is broken. I’m not functioning with the mental quickness I’m used to. I find myself struggling to locate words I want to use, like “vigilant” (it took me a full day to remember it). Sometimes when I’m especially tired

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Overcoming Low Self-Worth with Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

When COVID-19 surged across the world, it exposed flaws in various systems and sparked the need for change. My life became impacted in a similar (but much smaller) manner. I am a recent college graduate, who prides myself on leadership involvement in several extra-curriculars, having a large group of close-knit friends and achieving academic

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