5 Ways to Outsmart End of Year Anxiety

By Reina Gattuso The lights glow, the champagne fizzes, and the crowds gather to wish goodbye to a year well-spent, while ushering in the new. You should be happy, right? After all, it’s a celebration! As it turns out, while New Year’s Eve is billed as the ultimate carefree holiday, it’s actually a catalyst of anxiety for

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Fight Off Seasonal Depression With These 7 Affordable Essentials

Prepare for SAD with a comfort kit. Here’s what’s in mine. Design by Pichamon Chamroenrak Health and wellness touch each of us differently. This is one person’s story. By Shelby Deering One of my earliest memories from childhood is of a feeling of deep sadness even as I looked out at the twinkling Christmas lights

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A Calmer Holiday Season and Invitation to the November CYFL PEP Self-Care Meeting

This article originally appeared on chadd.org, and can be viewed here.  It sometimes feels like the holidays of the past were a quiet time for families to be together, maybe exchange a few small gifts, and share a nice meal. Today it seems the last two months of the year are a nonstop frenzy

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