How to Find Calm and Courage During Anxiety – What all Parents Need to Know

By Karen Young Anxiety in children and teens can make everyone feel helpless. It can come from anywhere and nowhere, and often it makes no sense at all. This is because anxiety is a primitive, instinctive response, not a rational one. Anxiety is driven by a strong, beautiful, healthy brain that is doing exactly what brains are meant

Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues

Everyone agrees that treating children early on for mental health issues is crucial, but barriers to diagnosis and treatment can make that difficult. When Stephanie Elliot’s son was in the sixth grade, she noticed a concerning change in his demeanor.He’d recently been put on a new medication for epilepsy that seemed to be working,

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School-based professionals can treat children’s mental health challenges

Broad evidence now supports the potential of school-based services for the treatment of a wide range of child mental health problems. School-based services delivered by teachers and other school-based professionals can help reduce mental health problems in elementary-aged children, reports a study published in the March 2018 issue of the Journal of the American Academy

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