Is It A Mental Health Problem? Or Just Puberty?

By Dona Matthews, Ph.D. We’re seeing epidemic levels of stress in children and teenagers, with increasing rates of clinical depression, anxiety and other coping problems. Fear, uncertainty and lack of control—factors that power stress—are ramped up in times of rapid, unpredictable change. And puberty is a time of massive change: hormonal, physical, sexual, social, cognitive and neurological. Puberty

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How to Support a Friend With Mental Health Challenges

By: Katherine Martinelli We rely on our friends for a lot of things, and that definitely includes providing emotional support when things are difficult. So it makes sense that teenagers struggling with mental health challenges would turn to their friends to vent, unload, and ask for backup. But it can be difficult to figure out

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Lack of Mental Healthcare for Children Reaches ‘Crisis’ Level

Written by Penny Williams on June 23, 2015 There is a cavernous gap between the number of children struggling with mental health conditions and the number who actually get help. That’s one of the conclusions of the Children’s Health Report released recently by the Child Mind Institute.  The report states that nearly 50 percent of youth in

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Why Early Intervention Is So Important for Children’s Mental Health Issues

Everyone agrees that treating children early on for mental health issues is crucial, but barriers to diagnosis and treatment can make that difficult. When Stephanie Elliot’s son was in the sixth grade, she noticed a concerning change in his demeanor.He’d recently been put on a new medication for epilepsy that seemed to be working,

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21 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Mental Health as a Child

  By Haley QuinnAs children, we rely on others to help us learn about the world around us. We also rely on others to help us make sense of our internal world — and more specifically, our mental health.But all too often, mental health is overlooked by caregivers for a variety of reasons. Maybe mental health wasn’t

School-based professionals can treat children’s mental health challenges

Broad evidence now supports the potential of school-based services for the treatment of a wide range of child mental health problems. School-based services delivered by teachers and other school-based professionals can help reduce mental health problems in elementary-aged children, reports a study published in the March 2018 issue of the Journal of the American Academy

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